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NCFE Occupational Studies for the workplace Level 1 Diploma Sport, Leisure and Tourism Pathway



This course offers a practical approach to developing skills in promoting travel and tourism products, investigating travel options and worldwide destinations, learning about the industry, and participating in programmes of sport and leisure. All of this will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to move on to higher education or into sector based employment.

How will I learn?

Woodpecker Court has access to a local sports club as well as access to a variety of local employers in the industry. You will have the opportunity to plan and deliver programmes of leisure and sport with our local partners, and learn about the tourism industry from local employers and action research projects on the opportunities for worldwide travel, as well as working in the classroom to build your portfolio of evidence.


You will carry out research projects and take control of your own education to gain knowledge in a sector that interests you.


In year two you will be able to carry out a work placement and gain skills from professionals in your chosen sector.

What will i learn

You will start by learning about organisation tools and techniques and working with others to give you a kick start at being able to take control of your education and prioritise your tasks.


Students are involved in learning about the promotion of travel and tourism products, learning about the various companies involved in the industry, developing understanding of worldwide and UK tourism destinations, and developing programmes of sport, fitness and leisure activities.

How will it be delivered 

Work is split 50:50 between practical and theory sessions. The vast majority of assessments are done through internal practical observations whilst working in a real sport, leisure or tourism programme, as the nature of our provision caters for those who struggle with the classroom environment.  There is some written work involved, students will undertake research individually.

Next Steps

This can lead to further in depth study at level 1, level 2, or an Apprenticeship, Traineeship or employment in the sector.

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