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From parents, carers and students

“I am a foster carer and currently have a young man with me that has an EHCP. He was struggling at mainstream school and was constantly being excluded. I moved him to Woodpecker Court and what a transformation. The support they have given him has been amazing. It has turned his behaviour around and is giving him a much brighter future. They excel in their work with disadvantaged and disengaged young people.” Carer


“This school has helped my foster daughter come on in leaps and bounds, not only in her confidence but her ability to achieve also. The school is so supportive and understands the needs of these kids who struggle in a mainstream environment, teaching not only education but practical skills they need through life. I cannot praise enough the support we have received and the difference it has made to the child I care for and only wish other kids get the same opportunity to thrive like mine has. I truly can't express how important alternative schools like Woodpecker are.” Carer



When we started we were quiet and scared 
Now when we leave we feel repaired 
We all fit together perfect as one 
Whilst learning, growing and having fun 
We help each other when we're feeling sad 
Even though we all drive each other completely mad 
No matter your shape, race or face 
We all fit right in and have a place 
And everyone's perfect big and small 
You'll always have a place at Woodpecker School

The student poem

“My son currently attends Woodpecker Court, he is in his second year of education with them. Woodpecker Court has provided an environment that enables him to feel safe, supported, and able to learn without feeling like he is ‘trapped’ within the standard confines of a stereotypical classroom. The staff here are competent and able to work with a patient, flexible and inclusive approach, using person centred approaches for each pupil which caters to their diverse range of needs. Being able to actually look forward to spending his day surrounded by staff who are experienced and understanding and working in the outdoor environment has given my son the ability to feel normal again, not to feel different just because mainstream comprehensive didn’t suit him.” Parent



“I am really pleased with the support my daughter receives at Woodpecker Court, the staff are very understanding, listen to the students and also can be contacted easily regarding any issues or concerns which are dealt with immediately. My daughter loves the animals there and has learnt how to feed and care for them and the fact that she is learning life skills as well” Parent



“Woodpecker Court has been amazing with my daughter, she wasn't attending school for a very long time and has never adapted to school, especially in a classroom setting which lead to exclusion from a mainstream school. Since being at Woodpecker Court I can see a massive change in her attitude towards school. She now wants to get up in the mornings for school with great enthusiasm for the day ahead and misses Woodpecker Court when she isn't in like at the weekend, if she could she would be there 7 days a week. Without the support of Dom and his team of lovely staff my daughter wouldn't be where she is now. My appreciation for all you have done to teach her and put her on the right track will be forever with me. Thank you Woodpecker Court.” Parent


“Woodpecker Court is a really great place to be because it helps me to build my confidence to get ready for the world of work. Otherwise I’d just be sitting at home, really not doing a lot, without a clue how to get what I want to do in life. Or else just being too anxious to attempt it. At Woodpecker Court they really support me and my aspirations as well as giving me advice on how to improve.” Student 



‘If I did not have Woodpecker Court I would be struggling with my social skills and I would not have the confidence that I do now because staff help me with not just my confidence but my Maths and English too. Without the staff and the community that this college has I would not have the opportunities that I have now and the things I have leant from the team at Woodpecker Court.” Student


“I think Woodpecker Court is the best school I’ve ever been to, they have helped me a lot and the teachers are amazing and it's a nice place to be. I also see it as a safe place to be. Since being at Woodpecker Court I’ve been able to do cooking outside for myself, students and staff. I’ve also done wood work and been able to sit and do my work in a class room. I just want to say how good Dom has been to me he’s a very nice and enthusiastic man and without Woodpecker Court I wouldn't be where I am now" Student

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