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NCFE Occupational Studies for the workplace Level 1 Diploma Sport



This qualification will provide learners with exciting opportunities to develop their skills and qualities which will support future employment. It is essential for all year one students to complete this course before they can specialise in another Vocational course, but it gives students the opportunity to opt for vocational areas they want to explore and study.

How will I learn?

Listed below are the core units for the course. These need to be completed by all students studying this programme, then you have the opportunity to specialise in one of the vocational pathways listed on the “Education” tab.

What will i learn

Unit 66            Problem solving at work – students study the different problems that may arise in a place of work, how they can be solved and the recognition of possible solutions to a specific problem.

Unit 67            Working in a team – students learn the characteristics of a good team. They will participate in a team, while demonstrating strengths and the ability to value contribution from others.

Unit 68            Time management skills – Students learn the benefits of good time management, be able to plan own use of time and know how to improve their own time management.

Unit 69            Improving own learning and performance – Students learn how to identify their own strengths and areas for improvement. They will create an action plan and review own performance.

Unit 30            Exploring Digital Photography – Students learn the basics of photography and following the process of taking photos.


Unit 37            Photography – using a tripod – Students will learn how to use a tripod appropriately to support the taking of photos.


Unit 13            Carpentry Hand Tools – In this unit students will engage with the practical aspects of using tools in the workshop.

Vocational pathway – You will be able to select a vocational pathway from the “Education” tab list.

Method Of Assessment

You will be assessed through coursework portfolios.  

Next Steps

This course will provide all year one students with the skills required to specialise in another Vocational course. 

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