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Stakeholder Testimonials

From professionals within the industry

“I work for a mainstream college and I have seen the amazing work that Woodpecker Court does. Many students, who cannot cope with a mainstream educational environment, are brilliantly supported by having an alternative curriculum, small group sizes and bespoke support that caters for their individual needs. Many of these students are then able to reintegrate into mainstream education. Without this provision we would have many more NEETs in the borough.”


“Having worked closely with Woodpecker Court on all their Health & Safety needs they are doing great work and giving young people an opportunity, they may not otherwise have.”

This is a fantastic provision for children and young people with SEN to access education and resilience building that they may not otherwise be able to access.

“Woodpecker Court provides a therapeutic, land-based educational option to re-engage some extremely vulnerable students in education. We have worked in conjunction with them in a professional capacity under these auspices.”

“Woodpecker Court is a fantastic project which has been developed by Dom Meehan to enhance the potential of many, many, young people who would otherwise fall by the wayside in mainstream education. Dom and his staff have shown boundless enthusiasm and commitment to the development of the centre ensuring that it not only benefits the young people but also the local community. He goes to great lengths to consult with local residents and encourage them to access the facilities he has developed, especially the woodland which he is sensitively managing to improve access for members of the public and ensure it remains a thriving natural habitat. This is a unique and successful project that has clearly demonstrated a highly effective community-based model of working with young people whose lives and talents might otherwise have been wasted.”


“Superb outdoor forest school. This is a functional and massive part of the community and is the creative, well being hub for many vulnerable young people. This new facility will open many avenues to you people that just isn't available to them in this day in age. They have helped and will continue to help young people, the community and the hub by adding this intrinsic venue that will grow a legacy for so many. It is well managed, and well governed. I entirely support this idea and feel it is a necessity to grow a community and the youth of tomorrow.”


“This is a fantastic provision for children and young people with SEN to access education and resilience building that they may not otherwise be able to access. Woodpecker Court is successful in supporting SEN pupils to prepare for adulthood and achieve their full potential.”



“I offer staff training and often work at the site with the staff there. The provision that they offer is unique, and many of the most vulnerable of our young people have flourished at the establishment. What they offer in their alternative curriculum could not be offered elsewhere, and they have undoubtedly motivated some of their young people onto success, where they may have become yet another government statistic elsewhere.”


“As the Assistant Principal at Canterbury College I have seen first-hand the excellent work that Dom and his team do. There are many young people for whom which the step from school to college is just not possible and this provision is needed to support them in their progress to becoming economically active adults. The provision is structured around formal qualifications and therefore means that every young person makes progress from their starting point. I have been working with Woodpecker Court for over a year now and I can see that their provision has gone from strength to strength and is needed in our community”.

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