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NCFE L1 and L2 Award in Creative Craft

Construction Pathway, Heritage and Traditional Crafts (Forestry) Pathway, Floristry Pathway and Cake Decoration Pathway





Students will have the opportunity to explore their practical and creative skills within their own chosen specialist area. Students will develop basic skills in their chosen area, gain an underpinning knowledge of crafting processes and the health and safety considerations of their crafting area.  They will have the opportunity to use materials, tools and equipment in a controlled environment and develop the confidence to design, plan and work independently in the crafting industry.

How will I learn?

Through a combination of classroom, workshop and kitchen-based sessions, students will be assisted to create their own unique creative product within their chosen specialist area.  Students will learn about the specific skills, tools and processes needed to be to a confident practitioner within their chosen area.  Through group discussion, practical sessions, independent research and portfolio building; students will be given the opportunity to acquire, master and then present their skills as a final piece ready for assessment.

What will i learn

All students will be expected to complete the following three (3) units and submit a portfolio of their work for assessment.  Each pathway follows the same three units however, content is pathway specific. Students will cover:


  • Unit 1 Explore Craft Resources

  • Unit 2 Explore Craft Ideas

  • Create, Present and Review Final Craft Item

How will it be delivered

This qualification and its variety of pathways, aim to introduce, develop and confirm the skills and knowledge of those who aspire to work in practical or traditional roles or those who wish to start their own small businesses based around their interests and hobbies.  These courses will be delivered through classroom and practical sessions which model the approach taken in businesses and industry, preparing students for the workplace.

Next Steps

Students may progress into art or enterprise courses, specific land based or agricultural courses, apprenticeships or traineeships in their area of interest and even possibly self-employment

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