Woodpecker Court post 16 criteria

Woodpecker Court is designed for young people who are not yet ready or able to attend and sustain a mainstream supported college course, training provider, apprenticeship or traineeship or another special school post 16 provision in the area. These young people will already have likely accessed highly specialist provision pre- 16. Woodpecker Court works very closely with other specialist post 16 providers to ensure that young people receive provision most appropriate to their needs. Students generally have an EHCP/Statement. It is likely that students may also have additional needs associated with the diagnosis such as challenging behaviours, social and emotional needs and high levels of anxiety.

Woodpecker Court general admissions information

The Published Admission Number (PAN) is 40 students on the main site of Wigmore Lane daily, owing to the flexibility of the programmes that we run this will likely mean that there are over 40 on roll. A waiting list is in place to protect the daily PAN. An oversubscription criterion exists, ensuring that students that have the greatest need will be admitted first.