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Student Voice

Student Council Representatives


Students conducted an election to the Student Council. The following students were elected to service for the 2023/2024 academic year. They are anonymised to protect their identities, but their statements for election are as below.


Student A


I can come up with solutions and solve problems. I can also brain storm ideas depending on the topic. I can also cope with any disagreements to my ideas or any ideas that I agree with.

This would give me the opportunity to talk to people that I might wouldn’t have before and it would be a great experience for my future steps.


Student B


I think I would be a good student council member as I am quite forward thinking and one f my ideas would be to make the fireside benches more comfortable during the briefings or lunch. Plus I am quite good at listening to other peoples ideas and I would like more things to do at lunch times.


Student C


I can bring higher hopes in the school and the students and the staff. I would like to see more animal therapy.


Student D


I am approachable, I am kind, students can talk to me, I will bring ideas and I will represent.

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