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Student Voice

Student Council Representatives


Students conducted an election to the Student Council in September 2021. The following students were elected to service for the 2021/2022 academic year. They are anonymised to protect their identities, but their statements for election are as below.


Student A


I believe that I’d be a good representative for the student council because I am very honest and passionate. I would take every idea into consideration and depict the best ones and the ones that would be most beneficial for everyone. I am very passionate about equal rights, so everyone is treated fairly with respect and honesty. I can relate to you, and you will always be welcome to come to me about a problem that ill later bring up and do my best to solve and resolve.


Student B


I would bring an extension to catering. I would bring a history start up. I have good understanding of additional needs. I’ve taught myself to be more independent. I’m a passionate person who wants to achieve my goals. I’m ambitious. I want to learn the history of the coal mines and things in the local area. I want to be a good boss one day and I want to be a great employer one day.


Student C


I would be good at student council because I will listen to the young adults’ views and feelings. I will try my hardest to share people’s feelings to the appropriate adults.


Student D


I think I would be good for school council because I would say things that other kids would like or want in maths and English and would provide a safe space for kids that are not in the right frame of mind. Another reason is because my personality is warm and friendly and I would make them laugh and feel happy if they are sad.

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