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KS3/KS4 Engagement Provision

Woodpecker Court KS3/KS4 Engagement Provision

We aim for all students that attend Woodpecker Court to be resilient, reflective, responsible as well as respectful while being academically functional for both life and an onward destination. We aim to prevent exclusion and reengage with mainstream learning.


Engagement operates on 2 days a week and is based upon The Engagement Model July 2020 as published by The Department of Education. It encompasses 5 areas that are exploration, realisation, anticipation, persistence, and initiation. The programme is individual in as much as it is set up to re-engage, re-integrate, challenge, provide supplementary evidence for students undergoing statutory assessment as well as being supportive of SEMH. 

Each session will cover a variety of themes, these can be within a classroom, community, individual or outdoor setting dependent. Sessions may focus on confidence building, teamwork, engagement, social skills, and the building of resilience while being motivating. English and Maths are not delivered discretely but as English and Maths for the World directly relating them to real life, bank account maths, form filling, the use of types of text in media etc. Progress in Maths and English is not measured academically but as an application to the subject area. This method of delivery can have a direct impact on a student’s attainment with good progress in reading abilities observed by some of our referring schools.

The aim of the programme is to prevent exclusion and promote reintegration within the host school setting, working closely with referring schools for a consistent approach. 


“Having used Woodpecker Court for several years for my students, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I have found this bespoke educational provision to be well structured and nurturing within a curriculum linked timetable, that has enabled my students to re-engage with education within a unique educational environment. The forest and outdoor spaces are the classroom, with the environment used to positively engage and motivate students. Following successful placements, my students have been able to better engage with their mainstream provision and positively manage their emotions and behaviors. This has led to improved attendance and positive outcomes, with staff reporting improvements in both lessons and within the school community.”

- Jamie Partridge, Behaviour & Attitudes Manager, Astor Secondary School

Professionals use only

Please note only applications received from professionals can be accepted. If you would like to refer a student to our engagement programme, please complete the application form via the link below.:

Woodpecker Court engagement provision referral form

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