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NCFE Level 1 Award in Developing Enterprise Skills


The Enterprise course will develop student’s skills, qualities and research methods. Students will experience their own enterprise programme and will have the opportunity to create and sell products at Woodpecker Court.


How will I learn?


Theory sessions will provide an insight in how to become an enterprise person or entrepreneur.  Practical sessions will take place in our workshop and outdoor classrooms. Students will be given the chance to use a range of tools to safely create products as part of their enterprise plan.


What will I learn?

Unit 1 Understand enterprise skills – students demonstrate the skills and qualities of enterprising people and entrepreneurs. Students will investigate local enterprising individuals and demonstrate enterprise skills and qualities.

 Unit 2 Demonstrate enterprise skills – students learn how to plan and take part in an enterprise activity. They will describe how to review the enterprise activity including their own contribution.

Method of assessment

You will be assessed through coursework portfolios.


Next Steps

The course will provide students with a range of skills which they can apply in further studies and careers.

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