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A New Beginning

As we start our new academic year, let’s take a look back to then summer term of 2018. Last term brought us glorious sunshine at Woodpecker Court. Our sixth formers finished their exams with 100% gaining their maths, enterprise, employability and occupational studies qualifications, and 71% gaining English. Our animal care programme gained two hatchings of chicks and one of ducklings, and two spring piglets, who certainly do have a spring in their step!

This year is now in full swing the enthusiasm from our young people is sky high. There are some big projects going on including creating a new animal enclosure, to allow us to add to our animal care programme, and a large, brightly-coloured flower bed lining the main paddock to bring a little more colour to the site come spring. With the year starting so well we can only look forward to what is to come.

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