NCFE Level 1 Diploma in Occupational Studies for the Work Place


This suite of qualifications will provide learners with exciting opportunities to develop their skills and qualities which will support future employment. It is essential for all year one students to complete this course before they can specialise in another Vocational course. 


How will I learn?

Woodpecker Court aims to provide students with experiences and skills which utilise the outdoor learning environment to support students in future employment.


What will I learn?

Unit 1 Developing skills in garden horticulture – students develop knowledge of and skills in garden horticulture.

Unit 13 Carpentry hand skills – students develop knowledge of hand tools in carpentry. They will demonstrate the use of tools and techniques used in carpentry.

Unit 24 Basic food preparation and cooking – students study the principal methods of cooking and learn how to prepare, cook and present simple dishes.

Unit 47 Developing customer service skills – Students study the consequences of good and poor customer service skills and their role when dealing with complaints from customers.

Unit 57 Taking part in sport – students learn about and participate in a sporting activity followed by a performance review.

Unit 58 Planning a fitness programme – students study the components of fitness and develop the understanding to be able to assess their own fitness levels. They will then plan, follow and review a fitness programme.

Unit 64 Problem solving at work – students study the different problems that may arise in a place of work, how they can be solved and the recognition of possible solutions to a specific problem.

Unit 65 Working in a team – students learn the characteristics of a good team. They will participate in a team, while demonstrating strengths and the ability to value contribution from others.

 Unit 66 Time management skills – Students learn the benefits of good time management, be able to plan own use of time and know how to improve their own time management.

Unit 67 Improving own learning and performance – Students learn how to identify their own strengths and areas for improvement. They will create an action plan and review own performance.

Unit 73 Undertaking an enterprise project – Students learn how to select enterprise projects, the costs involved and the significance of effective marketing. Students will also be able to plan, monitor and review an enterprise project.

You will also complete 3 units from a specialism of your choice. These specialisms include:


  • Hospitality and Catering

  • Land-based

  • Construction and Engineering

  • Office and Business

  • Hairdressing and Beauty

  • Social Development

Method of assessment

You will be assessed through coursework portfolios.  


Next Steps

This course will provide all year one students with the skills required to specialise in another Vocational course.